Canola Oil in the News

Story Posted: 2015-05-15

Stressing the Facts

On Jacksonville.com, Judith Rodriguez, chair of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of North Florida, corrects rumours regarding canola oil, its composition and origins.

Story Posted: 2015-05-15

Six Sauces for the Home Cook

Registered dietitian Holley Grainger features CanolaInfo’s recent media campaign, “Six Sauces for Success,” in her blog.

Story Posted: 2015-05-15

Busting Rumours

In response to reader concerns, Katherine Brooking, M.S., R.D., explains to WebMD why canola oil is not harmful.

Story Posted: 2015-04-07

Top Six Sauces for Cooking Success

Creamy, spicy, tart or rich, sauces are elemental to good cooking. What would a salad be without vinaigrette?