Canola Oil in the News

Story Posted: 2016-06-17

Step-Up with Canola Oil

CanolaInfo teamed up with Manuel Villacorta, RD, in honor of Men’s Health month and summer grilling season.

Story Posted: 2016-06-17

Canola Wins with Chefs & Dietitians

Chef Spike Gjerde shared with Food52 why he uses canola oil exclusively in his Baltimore-based restaurants.

Story Posted: 2016-06-17

Tips From Celebrity Chefs

According to Bobby Flay on Today.com, canola oil’s neutral flavour coupled with a cast iron skillet are essential tools for cooking the perfect burger.

Story Posted: 2016-06-17

Fats For Your Health

Buzzfeed catches up with health experts to talk fats – the good and the bad.

Story Posted: 2016-06-17

High-Oleic Canola Oil in Industry News

Food Business News reports that ConAgra Foods, producers of Fleischmann’s, Blue Bonnet, and Parkay, is removing partially hydrogenated oils (phos) in their spreads.

Story Posted: 2016-05-19

Step Up to the Plate: Take Your Cooking Skills to an Epic Level

Hey guys, impress your friends and family by creating an epic meal. Registered Dietitian Manuel Villacorta, author of Whole Body Reboot, shows you how to up the ante with recipes, cooking demos and health tips.